Facebook leads Glassdoor’s rundown of most astounding paying temporary positions, obviously

A temporary job could really pay more than an all day work — at any rate if it’s at Facebook.

Understudies at Microsoft, Facebook, and other top organizations would procure much more than the normal full-time U.S. laborer if their compensations kept going the whole year, Glassdoor found in another report.

“The middle yearly compensation for a full-time U.S. laborer is as of now $51,350,” the report said. “Be that as it may, if understudies at these organizations worked an entire 12 months, their pay rates would run from about $96,000 at Facebook to about $55,000 at Bank of America, significantly higher than what the normal full-time American laborer acquires.”

The employments site looked through previous assistants’ reports of their compensations to locate the most noteworthy paying entry level positions for 2017. The rankings depend on middle regularly scheduled pay.

Here are the 25 entry level positions that acquire the most cash.

  1. Facebook:             Median Monthly Pay: $8,000

      2.Microsoft:              Median Monthly Pay: $7,100

  1. ExxonMobil:         Median Monthly Pay: $6,507
  1. Salesforce:             Median Monthly Pay: $6,450
  1. Amazon:                  Median Monthly Pay: $6,400
  1. Apple:                       Median Monthly Pay: $6,400
  1. Bloomberg L.P.:    Median Monthly Pay: $6,400
  1. Yelp:                           Median Monthly Pay: $6,400
  1. Yahoo:                       Median Monthly Pay: $6,080
  2. VMware:                   Median Monthly Pay: $6,080
  1. Google:                      Median Monthly Pay: $6,000

    12.NVIDIA:                     Median Monthly Pay: $5,770

  1. Intuit:                        Median Monthly Pay: $5,440

    14.Juniper Networks:Median Monthly Pay: $5,440

  1. Workday:                  Median Monthly Pay: $5,440
  1. BlackRock:                Median Monthly Pay: $5,400

17.Adobe:                          Median Monthly Pay: $5,120

    18.MathWorks:               Median Monthly Pay: $5,120

  1. Qualcomm:                 Median Monthly Pay: $5,040
  1. Capital One:                Median Monthly Pay: $5,000
  1. Chevron:                       Median Monthly Pay: $5,000

   22.Accenture:                     Median Monthly Pay: $4,960

  1. Deutsche Bank:          Median Monthly Pay: $4,640
  1. AIG:                                Median Monthly Pay: $4,616
  1. 1Bank of America:    Median Monthly Pay: $4,570



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