Rooney Mara uncovers she ate pie interestingly at 31

On the off chance that you think a grown-up person going 31 years while never tasting the tastiness of pie sounds too odd to be in any way genuine, you’re off-base.

That is the reason executive David Lowery was astounded when he discovered that Rooney Mara never attempted pie shooting his motion picture A Ghost Story.

In the film, Mara’s character, M, grieves the loss of her accomplice, played by Casey Affleck, by eating a whole pie in one sitting.

The scene, which is made out of two long shots, has been applauded for being an offbeat method for speaking to melancholy.

Presently the scene may likewise be known as the first run through Mara, who was 31-years of age at the time, could comprehend the delights of pie.

As indicated by her meeting with the Los Angeles Times, Mara has evaded the rich treat her entire life since she was a truly critical tyke and never had a lot of a sweet tooth.

“Something about pie dependably nauseated me and I just never attempted it. Furthermore, this went along and I took a stab at doing them change it to something else, yet David truly needed it to be pie, so we did pie,” the on-screen character said.

Mara’s vegetarian so the chocolate cream pie she ate in the film was uncommonly made for her to be veggie lover and gluten free.

Congrats to Mara for vanquishing her dread; her sweet luscious dread.

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