When talking about home design trends of 2017,  cherry shade of the gren is the colour of the year; it has already been named as pantone colour of the year. This relaxing colour represent revitalization and refreshment, it is quite proper to be used in a complex social and political environment.

And for a joyful motif in home design, you may choose butterfly effect. It seems as the symbol of both optimism and grace and now it is not limited to children’s room. It is now celebrated with Christian Lacroix butterfly wallpaper. It is also chosen by Sasha Bikoff, designer of SoHo apartments and Pols Potte, a design studio situated in Amsterdam.

And there is a new fashionable design originated from New York Fashion Week, this is something common, a runway fashion may trigger home fashion. This decoration style will be seen at homes this year. This fashionable style is composed of pieces with mixed patterns, it is quite suitable for pattern fans. It can be used in comforters and it would anchor a room with mismatched and enticing patterns.

As we look at flat screens throgh the day such as LED TVs, smart phones, now there is a new way to excite people on a textural level. The creative director of carpenter+company Patti Carpenter states “It is a way to pull customers into showrooms to contact with touch, we human beings are in need of this feeling of connection and engagement.” A velvet pleat sofa is a good example for this. In fact  it is an application of a macrotrend of comfort. So it won’t be surprising to see luxury soft materials like mohair and faux fur.

And as a final trend, we can address artisanal, hand-crafted goods having the colours of chalky white and bone white. Patti Carpenter emphasizes that this raw white colour seems unearthed and handmade. It is all about that natural and organic look reflecting the beauty of imperfection.



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