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Among woman now there is a new trend, the new “no makeup” look seems to be the ultimate accessory this summer for women. The matter is catching the natural beauty and reflecting it. One of the important makeup artists, Hung Vanngo who is also the makeup artist of Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez and also famous top models Emily Ratajkowski and Karlie Klosscharacterise this look as “enhancing everything in a very subtle way.” The details are very important when applying this, there are two good examples; a pop of silver shadow located in the inner corner eye at Calvin Klein and luminous skin of Victoria Beckham.

Vango also admits that this “no-makeup“ look is the most versatile because of the opportunity of wearing it everday.

Ok, now let’s talk about how to apply this look to your face. Primarily, your skin must be clean before starting this process. You can use a lightweight serum and put your moisturizer on it. It is important not to forget about using eye cream and lip balm. In Vanngo’s approach the start of a good makeup is good skin, so skin preparation is the key in this new makeup style.

The skin phase is of course the make up phase. The aim here is showing the skin like skin, so you must abstain from using lots of powder products to keep the natural look of your body. You may select creamy textures. And you must be careful about keeping your skin dewy, so it will look like a skin.

The most important advantage of this type of makeup is that “it doesn’t require a ton of maintenance” and if you wish you can turn it into an evening look by just adding it a lipstick. And for the summer months it would be nice adding an extra warmth by dusting some bronzer on the skin. You may also opt for adding a fresh, soft colour on the lips.

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