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Home Made Sangria Recipe

Home Made Sangria Recipe

Sangria is a popular fruit wine cocktail especially in the summer months. Typically it contains fruit pieces such as red wine, oranges, lemons and green apples, sugar, vanilla, and additional alcoholic beverages. In 1 liter large jug, it is served with wooden spoon to collect fruit pieces. Sangria’s alcohol ratios vary because of their wide variety of recipes, but usually they are not so heavy. In summer, you can meet in Portugal as much as you can in Spain. It’s not difficult to make this famous and delicious drink of the region at home.

Sangria recipe (for 15 people)


  • 3 liters of red wine (no need to be very good quality)
  • 1 kg orange
  • 500 g lemon
  • 1 small bottle of Cointreau (famous orange liqueur) or Rom
  • 200 g sugar
  • 3 bars of vanilla
  • 2 sweet spoonfuls of cinnamon
  • 1 bottle of lemonade
  • Cube cut apples, peaches and oranges


Get a deep pot of wine, orange and lemon juice. Add lemonade, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and stir in medium heat until boiling. You must take the fire from the fire without fouling it, do not let it wait more than a hundred times. Add Rom or Cointreau after taking it from the charter. Sangria will be put into the fruit cubes cubes or finely chopped according to preference. If you want, you can add in the boiling phase and make the fruity soften. My personal preference is to add fruit later so that they can stay alive. After preparing the sangria, it should be kept for a few hours or overnight to allow the flavors of the fruit to mix with other ingredients in the fridge. Other ingredients such as ice are added before the last service.

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