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Body and Health Benefits of Leaving the Cigarette

Smoking cessation

Smoking, heart and lung cancer, especially the formation of many diseases accelerate. Approximately 5 million people lose their lives due to smoking every year in the world. The occurrence of paralysis and cerebrovascular disorders due to blood circulation and damage to vessels is common in smokers.

The cessation process also takes place with the help of an expert. In such cases smoking cessation centers must be applied. Those who leave cigarettes with their own means can accelerate this process with sports and nutrition schemes. Leaving the cigarette contributes positively to social life.

The following effects are seen in the bodies of quitters:

Within about 20 minutes, the blood pressure and pulse reach normal levels. The circulation accelerates in the veins that provide the hand and foot functions.

After 8 hours in the body, the oxygen level in the blood returns to normal levels. However, the risk of heart attack is reduced.

The body is purified after 24 hours from carbon monoxide gas. In this case, the vessels are processed in a comfortable manner.

The level of nicotine on the side is lost after 48 hours. Improvement in smell and taste sensation is achieved. Especially in ulcer patients, reflexes develop in response to treatment.

The respiratory tract heals after 72 hours with airway healing and loosening. The energy level is increased and the air intake of the lungs is accelerated.

Your body’s blood circulation will begin to reach a healthy level within 2 weeks. At the end of 12 weeks, this situation is completely normal. Particularly, it seems that there is no obstruction while walking or running.

Respiratory disorders such as coughing, breathing heals within 3 and 9 months. Lung function increases by 10 percent.

The risk of heart disease risk is reduced by 50% after 12 months.

Problems such as oral cavity cancer, prostate cancer, and cancer of the blood vessels decrease in half after 5 years.

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