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How to Solve Hair Loss Problem

How to Avoid Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a common problem for men and women, although it is more common in men. This can happen temporarily or permanently, with the hair leaving the roots and leaving the hair with hair. In temporary cases, hair falling out again, but permanently loses its vitality and it is not possible to have hair again in this region.

Hair loss is inevitable for many people, but the factors that cause hair loss are correctly identified and early intervention of this problem prevents more hair from falling off.

How to Avoid Hair Loss?

The most important reason for hair loss in men is the DHT hormone resulting from the male hormone testosterone. Hair loss resulting from this hormone is called male type spillage and DHT is the cause of 95% of male hair loss. Although male type is called spillage, the same hormone is responsible for 50% of hair loss seen in women. DHT-induced hair loss can be prevented by using DHT repellent medication with a doctor’s recommendation.

The hair is fed through the blood as if it were in other tissues. In case of anemia, the hair can not feed enough and in this case the hair follicles are weak and the hair begins to spill. Anemia treatment is needed to prevent hair loss due to cancer, which is more common in women. Blood circulation can be increased by massage frequently to the hair of the hair for better hair growth during the treatment process.

Women may experience hair loss due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and puerperium. The most effective way to prevent hair loss during this period is balanced and regular feeding and avoiding the strut.

Feeding mistakes are effective for hair loss for both women and men except during the pregnancy period. In order to prevent the hair from falling out, especially protein, vitamins and minerals should be taken into consideration. Because zinc and biotin are the most important nutritional ingredients for hair health, care should be taken to ensure that these ingredients are taken sufficiently to feed.

Decreased estrogen hormone during menopause in women also causes hair loss. Estrogen supplementation, taken during this period, prevents hair loss as well as other positive effects.


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