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Blueberry Liqueur Recipe

Blueberry Liqueur

Liquor making is an easy drink, but it needs delicacy. The smell of alcohol is concealed by the flavors of the fruit-scented plants used in the liquor which is said to be a pleasure drinker. It is also used in the production of blueberry liquor, also known as bearberry grape. The blueberry liqueur will taste quite delicious with its color and aroma. How is liquor made from blueberries that have a dull blue color and a fairly small structure?


  • 1 kilogram of blueberries
  • 300 gr granulated sugar
  • 4 stick cinnamon
  • 10 cloves
  • 1 piece of muscat
  • 250 ml vodka


When making blueberries, you must first wash the fruit. The washed blueberries are dried. The fruit is taken from the kavanza and sugar is poured on it. After adding cinnamon, cloves and musk, the lid of the jar is tightly closed. Kavonoz is kept at room temperature for two months and in a place where it does not see the sun. During this time a jar should be mixed for two days. Two months later, the blueberry becomes watery. The jar is then opened and the water in the mixture is drained with the help of a cheesecloth. The reason for using cheesecloth is to get a clearer water. After mixing the vodka, add the cobano again. The blueberry liqueur is ready to drink.

When preparing the blueberry liqueur, be careful not to bruise the fruit and to be fresh.

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