The space agency is trying to grow strawberries and tomatoes on Mars

Agriculture in the desert

NASA and the European Space Agency already have countless suggestions and plans to explore Mars and discover land on the planet in a few decades, but they are not the only ones watching the red planet as a possible place The United Arab Emirates is at present spending foul measures of cash to get its own Mars aspirations off the ground, and the nation’s space office is trusting that it will be the first to demonstrate that some of Earth’s most dearest create will flourish in martian soil.

The gathering, which has just put almost $5.5 billion in its Mars program, is utilizing its area here on Earth as a testbed for what may be conceivable on Mars. The forsake, they say, isn’t too not quite the same as the dusty surface of the red planet, and they’re concentrating intensely on the art of developing nourishment in what might some way or another be fairly ungracious conditions.

“There are similarities between Mars and the desert,” Rashid Al Zaadi of the UAE Space Agency clarifies. “The scene of the UAE, the dirt, are comparable.” But what precisely will really flourish? The gathering is at present concentrating on a few leafy foods specifically, including tomatoes, strawberries, sorts of lettuce, and even organic product bearing palms. “When we get there, we’ll have to eat,” Al Zaadi notes.

One of the greatest Mars extends on the planet, the 1.9 million square foot Mars Science City Project, is being worked close Dubai with an end goal to recreate what a Mars settlement may really resemble. It’ll cost in any event $150 million to develop, and will have various research facilities devoted to different undertakings, including the developing of yields in a leave domain.

Notwithstanding, regardless of the possibility that the UAE Space Agency pioneers the investigation of Mars crops, it’ll still likely need to collaborate with another country or huge space organization keeping in mind the end goal to really make it to the planet. Getting to (and living on) Mars will without a doubt be a worldwide occasion, yet unmistakably the UAE is doing its best to make itself a priceless individual from the multi-country exertion.

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