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Ways to Understand Food Poisoning

Food poisoning

Food poisoning is the consumption of food containing virus, bacteria or chemical toxins. Almost all food poisonings are caused by bacteria. These bacteria bloom and multiply in food by many factors such as dirty water. Food poisoning is a common illness that can be fatal and often fatal.


  • Not to prepare food and keep it in hygienic conditions.
  • Consuming good uncooked food.
  • The hands are not as clean as they are when they come into contact with food.
  • The environment in which the food is located is not hygienic.
  • Consuming spoiled food.
  • Nutrients are found in contact with animals such as insects, insects.

How Food Poisoning is Understood and What Do We Need to Do?

Food poisoning commonly occurs in pain, cramps, pain. There are vomiting, fever, chills, fatigue, and so on. The symptom severity changes according to the amount of bacteria in the soup. Food poisoning occurs 2 or 6 hours after food is consumed. Of course this will vary according to the situation. Food poisoning is mainly caused by meat and dairy products. These are red meat, chicken, raw or undercooked meat, yoghurt, cheese, mayonnaise, milk and other foods. It usually takes 1 or 3 days. This time depends on the amount of food consumed and the amount of bacteria. Food poisoning often predominates in mass-food places. Especially babies and elderly people are more affected. The reason is that the bodies are so strong that they can not cope with the bacteria entering the body.

Most food poisonings have self-healing properties. However, if the discomfort persists longer than a few days, consult a doctor immediately. If the doctor deems necessary, antibiotic therapy is started. Vitamin and minerals recovered in food poisonings are taken back and body resistance is increased. Drink plenty of water.

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