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Foods that cause tooth loss

tooth loss

For the protection of dental health, it is necessary to brush teeth at least twice a day, gargle with dental care and use dental floss. It is also important that the toothbrush is renewed every 3 months. The harmful acids found in foods and beverages can cause harm to the teeth, even if these treatments are performed. For this reason, diet and habit is a matter of attention for the teeth.

The foods that cause the most damage to the teeth are carbohydrates and acid-containing foods. Beverages and foods containing these substances damage the teeth. Food that damages the teeth can be ordered as follows:

Lemon: Food that contains high pH in it is harmful to the teeth. This value of 2 has a detrimental effect on the teeth. Directly eating lemon, it damages the tooth mine because of its acids.

Products such as gelatine, delight: These sugars which stick to the tooth due to the sugared products and additives, also contain citric acid. For this reason it is more harmful than normal and directly swallowed sugars.

Dry fruits: Although they are beneficial for general body health, dry fruit due to the carbohydrate content damages the tooth. Foods such as dried figs, raisins and dried apricots leave long-lasting tackiness in the mouth. In the event that the teeth are not brushed, tooth decay comes to the fore because of this effect.

White bread: Saliva, which helps to break down and digest food, turns the carbohydrate sugar into white bread. This sugar has an adverse effect on the teeth and gums as an enzyme. The reasons for the decay of plaques and dental minerals in the mouth over time are consuming white bread. It is more beneficial to consume whole wheat or whole wheat bread instead of these breads.

Ice cream: Ice cream damages the teeth due to additives and sugar. However, the ice cream consumed coldly has a negative effect on the teeth and gums.


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