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How to make Melon Liqueur ?

Melon Liqueur

The distilled beverage is called aromatic liqueur, fragrance, fruit, liquor made by adding various plants. Since the amount of sugar in the liquor is too much, the liquor will be consumed consis- tently. Today, countries have progressed quite well in liquor production. The liqueur can be taken easily at home as well as ready to be consumed.


  • 1 medium melon
  • 1 kilogram of ethyl alcohol
  • 3 pounds of water
  • 400-500 grams honey
  • 3-4 shell cinnamon


The melon is cut into two halves. All the cores in the melon that are split in half are cleaned. After the melon has been cleaned, the jar is sliced ​​to fit the jar and the slices are placed in the jars. Ethanol and cinnamon are placed on the ravens and kept at the place where no light is taken for twenty days. After twenty days, the melon and cinnamon are removed from the jar and allowed to drain. Three pounds of water is boiled and honey is added. When the water is cold, melon and cinnamon shells are added. Waited two more weeks.

Note: The liqueur can be consumed next to the cabbage. Apart from this, liquor can be consumed as well as cocktails with various drinks. One of the best ways to enjoy liquor is to drink some ice into the liquor.

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