Kylie Jenner will stay away from the camera until the baby is born!

Kylie Jenner’s silence proves that pregnancy claims are true …

The gossip about the 20-year-old Kylie Jenner’s private life continues unabated.

According to recent news, Kylie, the smallest of the Kardashian family, plans to stay away from the cameras for six months.

She is also determined not to talk about pregnancy until the birth of the baby

According to the information given by a source close to the family to the People magazine, Kylie wanted to stay away for a while.

According to this statement, Kylie wants to get lost in the middle and stay away from the cameras. During this time she plans to focus on her own health and happiness.

Kylie also emphasized that when she founded her family, she wanted to be a person who devoted herself to the family rather than social media.

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