Beijing Travel Guide

Beijing Travel

There are many interesting places you can visit and see Beijing, the most crowded capital of the world.
How is Beijing visited?
Tinanmen Gate and Tiananmen Square The Tiananmen Gate, located in an area that can be counted as Beijing’s center, is very close to Tiananmen Square, a very famous square. The historic buildings in this area are particularly popular, while the famous museum where Mao’s mausoleum is located is also located in the same square.
Since Tiananmen Square is a world-renowned square, visitors from all nations will come to this area and have the chance to see this important square and gate. An underground passage is also used when going to the square. This lane guidance is made especially for those coming by the opposite side of the road. At the same time, the famous photo square of a Chinese citizen standing in front of the Chinese tanks protesting the army was drawn in this square.
Forbidden City: The Forbidden City, which is located on the underground area of Tinanmen Square, opens to tourists with an old palace and settlements of the dynasties. The fact that the structures in this area are adorned with traditional Chinese motifs and styles, the preservation of the old structure of the Forbidden City and the much more impressive element, lead the visitors to the past. Both Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City can be reached by taxi in this area, and then the historical sites can be visited on foot.
Great Wall: No doubt every visitor will not want to return to his country without seeing the Great Wall when he goes to Beijing. Because the Great Wall of China is among the most interesting buildings of the world, and it is seen from the distance. At the same time, this wall, which has a length of more than 8000 kilometers, started to be built before the millatoon and is now restored to a small size, which further impacts the visitors.

Special taxis can be booked to go to the Great Wall. The Great Wall of China, which is about 1 hour away from the city, begins to be visited by a taxi which you hold specially to transport you there. When you travel, your taxi will wait for you and it is possible to return to the city center with this taxi again at the end of the tour.
You can get a bus ticket to take you to a certain point for climbing the Great Wall, a cable car ticket that climbs to the Great Wall, and an entrance ticket for the saddle before the tour. Then, to get out the wall at the top of the mountain, you have to come to a certain spot by riding the bus. Later on, you can get on the cable car to the mountain top and reach the saddle. It is possible to walk as much as you want on the Chinese Great Wall, to look at the walls on other mountains, to watch the scenery and to take photos. On the saddle landing, navigating on a channel formed by pipelines with a tool similar to a scrolling creates the most interesting spot.

Panda House: If you want to take a look at Chinese pandas, Panda House in the city will be the solution for you. Public transportation or taxis can help you again as you arrive here. In the Panda House, you can see the endangered Chinese pandas.
Things to Do About Beijing
China is a very hot country, but there is less humidity in Beijing than in other cities.

The currency can be up to Yuan and worth as much as the dollar’s job. For example, 100 yuan, equivalent to 20 dollars.
Taxis are available at reasonable prices, taxis can be used when traveling around the city.
While there may be security weaknesses at certain points in the city, you do not face any danger in the center.
There are massage parlors in every corner of Beijing. For those interested, thousands of massages can be made from foot massage to body massage.
Many streets in the center of Beijing have bazaars. In front of the bazaars located in the bazaars, there are “staffs” who are shouting and collecting customers.
Extremely luxurious cars and textile brands are also located in this city.

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