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Eye Dryness and Treatment


The ocular system, which can be defined as an inadequate tear secretion, is a health problem that affects people of almost every age. It is seen more in women than in men.

What is eye dryness?
Tears are produced in the glands of the eyes. With blinking, the liquid spreads to the entire eye surface. After each clipping movement, they complete the tear fluid task and are thrown out of the nasal passageway through the channels in the eyelids. This cycle continues throughout the day. The beauty of tears for eye health is great. Tears do not only moisturize the eyes, they also supply the substances they contain and eye tissue.

What are the eye dryness indications?
Inadequate fluid formation in the mucous, aqueous, and lipid layers of the eye is the most important cause of ocular instability. The ocular lens may be caused by inadequate secretion of intraocular fluids or due to the inability of the liquid to reach the cornea or rapid evaporation from the surface of the eye.

Ophthalmology often causes the following:
Submerge, burn and discomfort
Feeling of a foreign body in the eye
Discomfort and tension in eyes especially in windy weather
Filamentous mucus layer that comes out from the fruit circle
Blurred vision
Reading difficulty

What are the reasons for eye surgery?
Eye fluid tends to decrease with age. It affects women more than men. The incidence is particularly high in menopausal women. Depending on many cases the eye can come into play.
Changes in estrogen hormone
Existing eye allergy
Some rheumatism and joint diseases
Long contact lens wear
Cigarettes, tobacco and chemical fumes
Low humidity environments
Some sleeping and antidepressant drugs
Blood pressure medicines
Birth control medicines
In some cases, the ophthalmologist may appear with the oral cavity. In this case, one of the immune system diseases, Sjögren Syndrome may come to mind. It is usually a disease affecting middle-aged women.

How is eye dryness treated?
Patients with a complaint of eye dryness are commonly referred to as artificial tear drops or some gellar. Air humidifying devices can be used during sleep to reduce eye dryness. The most common surgical method is the complete or temporary closure of the tear ducts.

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