3 Rules of Entrepreneurship


No. 1 If you do not know how to tell your opinion, do not try

One of the most important skills of the entrepreneur is that he can tell. First to the immediate surroundings, then to the possible partners, then to investors and of course to the customers. So he has to keep telling someone his mind. If I wrote this list five years ago, I would not put it in first place. I thought it would be explained if it was a good idea. But then I saw that there was no good idea. No matter what your idea is, its implementation is more important than anything else. And it’s important that you can explain your initiative as well as your application. Einstein, one of the most intelligent people in the world, said, If you can not explain it simply, you have not understood it enough. How accurate – I think you have to be so well absorbed in order to be able to tell your initiative that you can tell the basics in a reduced way.

No. 2 Choose your investor well

Of course there is no need for a provincial investor. But experience shows that in general you need an external help to finance what you do there are different alternatives such as family, friends, angel investors, grants, angel investor networks, venture capital companies. Choosing a good investor is very important for your long-term success, and there is one feature that distinguishes the investor from the other stakeholders After investing the investor’s money, you do not kick him out (even with your partners is easier to leave). Within the framework of legal agreements you sign, the investor is protected. That’s right, of course. When choosing an investor for him, I have to take the time and choose well I tried to explain what good voters mean in my writing, entrepreneurial election. Please do not ever take the advice of the writer The reference about the investor will give you tips on what to do when things go bad. Investors usually repeat what they do all the time.

No. 3 Choose your partners well

Tolstoy wrote It is very important to whom you go with whom we go. Regardless of the work you do, your partners will spend every day and night together. You will be the people you will spend more time with than your partners, your life friends. The first people you will share success and failure will be your partners again. It’s a very intense relationship, so you have to think like a regular marriage. You can divorce, but it’s usually a very costly (both material and spiritual) process. You need to choose your partner well for him. When choosing your partner, ask the important questions for you. For example, I do not partner with someone I know less than two senas (I do not mean investing). I’ve done this before and I will not do it again. The second factor I see is that my partner is a positive energetic person. I am now away from a negative energetic. Negative energetic people are generating a problem in each solving. This is very annoying. These are my criteria. Everyone has to create the criteria that are important to him before the partnership begins.

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