Mark Zuckerberg swings to daily papers to state he’s sad


Mark Zuckerberg is sad about that entire Cambridge Analytica mess.

So sad, truth be told, that he took out full-page promotions in daily papers the world over on Sunday to “guarantee to improve the situation for you.”

As indicated by CNN, the advertisements showed up in The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Observer, Sunday Mirror, The Sunday Times, Mail on Sunday, Sunday Express, and the Sunday Telegraph.

Like we stated, he’s absolutely sad.

“You may have caught wind of a test application worked by a college scientist that spilled Facebook information of a great many individuals in 2014,” peruses the ad. “This was a rupture of trust, and I’m sad we didn’t accomplish more at the time.”

That last part is imperative, in light of the fact that Facebook supposedly knew path in 2015 that Cambridge Analytica had despicably gained Facebook profile information having a place with in excess of 50 million clients — however it just prohibited the company from its stage after journalists revealed to Facebook this month that they would distribute a story on the issue.

In any case, Zuckerberg is sad. Furthermore, that needs to mean something, correct? We envision Zuckerberg trusts the something being referred to is particularly around $40 billion in showcase top — the sum lost after a week ago’s disclosures.


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