Sri-Lanka Travel Guide

Sri Lanka

Located in South Asia, Sri Lanka is located about 30 kilometers south of India. The capital of Sri Lanka, an island country in the Indian Ocean, is Colombo. The country is under the influence of tropical climate. Severe monsoons are seen between December and March in the northeastern region of Sri Lanka. These rains show their influence in the southern part in April-June and October-November. In the country, annual temperature values ​​are calculated as 30 degrees on average. The best time to go to Sri Lanka is July, August and October. Because this period of precipitation events do not occur frequently.

Major Cities of Sri Lanka

Colombo: Sri Lanka’s capital city, Colombo is also the largest city in the country at the same time. Colombo is the most important commercial city in the country. It offers many different holiday options. In the city, baby elephant nursing homes can be visited, the care of the filler can be watched, and there are nice facilities for playing golf. Some of the important places to visit and see in Colombo; National Museum of Colombo, Dhiwala Zoo and St. Anthony’s Church.

The busiest flights to Sri Lanka are transacted via Doha, Singapore and Malazia. The duration of the flight is calculated as an average of 12 hours. It is also possible to come connected to the land route. But in this option, the journey lasts approximately 10 days.

Kandy: Kandy, located in the middle of the country, has the feature of being the former capital. The city, still considered the historical and cultural capital of the country, has been on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list since 1988. Kandy is also a very valuable city in terms of the Buddhist World. The Budha Tooth Relic Temple in the city attracts a lot of tourists every year. There are many temples in the city. Bahirawakanda Temple and Embekle Temple are some of them.

The city is transported through the capital city, Colombo, by road. The distance between Colombo and Kand is about 3 and a half hours.

Habarana: Habarana, one of Sri Lanka’s smallest cities, is an expensive city in terms of tourism. The city, which houses many luxury hotels, is especially known for its safari tours. Minneriya Forest located in the city attracts attention because it is a region sought for both natural beauty and safari. Transportation to the city is provided by tours organized by Colombo.

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