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In this post, we’ll cover where is Krakow and many questions you may be thinking of while reading.

Where is Krakow?

Where is Krakow? Considering you ask where is Krakow, we can say it’s in Poland. For years, Krakow has been through many things, as you can imagine the results of II. World War. But still, Krakow is charming and combining both the historical and touristic places. Not being a popular city such as Paris, Berlin and etc does not mean that it’s not worth visiting. Krakow was selected as the 6th most beautiful city.

Why should you visit Krakow? Where is Krakow?

Where is Krakow? Krakow is the heart of Europe. You need to add it to your “to-do-list” because you will be the witness of all the process the city had during the war. Especially in the Jewish district, you will see the real bullet-marks on the walls of buildings. Warsaw looks more modern than Krakow because Warsaw was completely fallen so it needed rebuilding. But Krakow is like promised people to remind every single detail of the history, again and again.

Where should be visited? Where is Krakow?

Where is Krakow? Krakow is the lovely old-capital city of Poland. Especially the city centre should be visited, it’s called “Rynek Glowny”. During your travel, you can stay in many hotels in Krakow town centre. Just like the country itself, Krakow hotels are also cheap to stay.

After the centre, you should visit Adam Mickiewicz Monument, Virgin Mary Church, Wawel Castle, Dragon’s Cave (dragon is the symbol of the city), Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. These are near the centre so you can just walk along the streets and discover. Except these, Oskar Schindler’s Factory, Wieliczka Salt Mine and especially Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camps. If you can create time, you need to eat the cultural food “zapiekanka” in Kazimierz.

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