Lily Allen, scandal made a confession. For years…

Last week, a new confession came from Lilly Allen, explaining that she had sex with a female escort after the divorce.

Loved singer Lily Allen again created an agenda.

Allen shared a piece of his book about his life last week with the British press.

The 33-year-old singer My Thoughts Exactly said in his book, that he had been depressed since he was divorced from his husband.

“Because I felt alone, I entered sexual relations with the prostitutes.” “I’m not proud of what I’m doing, but I’m not ashamed at the same time. I entered sexual relations with women for money but I do not do that anymore “.

Allen, 33, who divorced in 2016 after marrying a British business man Sam Cooper for 5 years, said, “I’ve been with women escorts during the tour because I was alone and looking for something.”

While talking about the series Wanderlust that came to the screen on the BBC and created the with the sex scenes, Allen said he had been watching porn regularly for years.

Lilly Allen has two children, Marnie Rose Cooper and Ethel Cooper.

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