Capıtal Of The Royal Country

Royal Country
İmage: London

London is famous for its history that left behind so many historical artifacts. London’s Type of management is royal-managed that’s why most famous historical place is Buckingham Palace. This city has so many place like London Eye, Big Ben and Tower Brigde.

Everything About Of London

How Can I Go?: You don’tlive in cities close to London or Europe cities, you must use plane for there . In London, there are five airports. You can follow the airport companies and get your discounted ticket. If you want come to London from Europe cities, you can use train or bus.

Where Am I Stay?: You can find so many hotels in central of the city. Some of these so historical place. In fact, hotel owners in London treat the tourists vey well. That’s why you shouldn’t think a lot about it. You find very good hotels everywhere in the city for stay. 

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Places to Visit: London has a lot of places to visit. Most intriguing place is Buckingham Palace where has 775 rooms. Actually you can just 19 rooms. No one is allowed to enter the other rooms. But you can see the Queen’s Galery and Royal Mews. Other most insterested places are London Eye, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, The Palace of Westminster. They all keep their history alive.

When you go to London, you will love there. First, they always safe their history. Then, In London there are so many different permits and management. You will be very interested about these. If you choose go to London, you shouldn’t forget your umbrella and cardigan. You should know the weather of this city. Happy historical and loving holidays in London.

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