Fıve Countrıes Wıth All Its Beauty

Fıve Countrıes

In World, there are so many countries. But some countries are special than the others and you should see them. Maybe you went to these countries but if you don’t go yet, you will love it. There! Five different countries.

Germany: This country’s history always known bad because of one man. But if you visit Germany, you love this country. Their language is difficult and not easy to understand. Nevertheless, there are so many beautifull places.

Capital city of Germany: Berlin

  • Bellevue Palace
  • BMW Museum
  • Frauenkirche
  • House of Goethe
  • Frankfurt Zoogical Garden
  • Kusthalle Hamburg

Australia: Australia is most famous natural country in the World. Nature, wide lifes and different animal species are the most talked topics in this country. This country capital is Canberra but most famous city is Sydney. You should this place;

  • Kangaroo Island
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Uluru
  • Melbourne Royal Botanical Garden
  • Kakadu National Park

England: Country of the royalty. This country has always been talked about royal family and beauty of country. England has so many historical places that capital is London. There are difficult rules in this country because it is ruled by the royal.

  • Big Ben and Westminster Palace
  • London Eye
  • British Museum
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Tower Bridge
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Oxford Street

France: When one person say France, all people always romantic atmosphere. Their language is hard but if you heard their accent, you can be enchanted. When you want to go this country, you can use train if you live in Europe countries. But live in other countries, you should use plane. Finally, France beauty;

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Bordeaux: City of Celts
  • Notre Dame Fourviere
  • Chateau d’If
  • Chapelle Bellini
  • Muséé de Louvre

ItalyIf you love different taste and culture, you should go Italy. In the past, this country was home to a great empire. Therefore, their history and historical sites are worth seeing. So, different culture and beauties;

  • Piazza Maggiore
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Cinque Terre,
  • Castel dell’Ovo
  • Caroveno Palace
  • Colosseum
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