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Dıfferent Taste Of Fıve Countrıes

berfender ber

Every country has a food culture. When you see some food, you might not like it. But a bite of that food, take you to a different world. That’s why, you don’t have to eat all foods but just try countries famous foods.
Bratwurst: This meal belongs to Germany. You know, Germans love the sausage foods. That’s why most of foods include the sausage. So Bratwurst is most famous food in Germany. When you go to Germany, you try this sausage food. You love it. They know all method to cook sausages.
Fish and Chips: In England, there are no famous food culture. Of course, they have royal foods and some different taste. But in generally, in this country no food culture. But they love fish and chips. That’s why, their famous food is fish and chips. When you to England, you try this.
When we look other food culture, they have British tea. You include milk, in the tea and you drink. British tea different drink but it will accompany in afternoon tea.
Berfend Ber: This meal is France taste. In romantic nights or just you want to eat good food, you try berfender ber. Actually it makes with meat. That’s why its flavor folds. Berfender ber is famous food in France. Of course you don’t eat meat, they have different beautiful vegatable foods.
Beef Bourguignon: You think, you eat meat with wine sauce. Beef Bourguignon is famous food in Australia. When the meal cooked, Bourguignon wine is poured on it. This taste is unbelievable. Beef and wine so different and so good taste.
Panna Cotta: Among all these foods, you should eat dessert. So, you look the Italian dessert, panna cotta. This dessert include fruits and sauce. The taste of Panna cotta is indescribable. When you go to Italy, you should eat panna cotta after the pizza.

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