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Dıfferent Flavors From All Over The World

Dıfferent Flavors

For everyone, eating food is always a nice action. Also, some people like to try different tastes. There are so many flavor in our World. We tell these foods to you. Here, different flavors from all over the world. When you decide to travel and try different taste you should try these foods.

Sushi: Japanese foods actually different taste. Sushi is a special food in Japanese restaurant. This meal is served with a special rice In Japanese restaurant, this meal is served with seafood and vegetables. There are so many japanese foods but this meal is special among them. When you go to Japan, you should find sushi house for try. The sushi house is private and is highly preferred by the Japanese people.

Beijing Duck: In Chinese restaurant, Beijing duck is special food. Beijing duck is representing Chinese cuisine. Although this cuisine is sometimes scrambled with Japanese foods, they have different flavors. Beijing Duck is different and unique taste.

Tamale: This food belongs to Mexico. People of Mexico loves to spicy food that’s why tamale is so famous. This spicy and beautiful food tamale recipe so easy. When you look tamale recipe, you’ll so many spice. Homemade tamale be most beautiful other restaurant. You try this food with homemade tamale.

Steamed Mussels: In Belgium, this food is very popular. Their many meals contain mussels. But steamed mussels is different among them. When you go Belgium, you should try Belgium cuisine. In particular, you should try the steamed mussels.

Ropa Vieja: If you loves meat, you should try Ropa Vieja when you go Cuba. This dish is made with steak. But ropa vieja is cooked in tomato sauce and some spice. This food is ordered together with vegetables. In the Cuban restaurants special kitchen you will eat a different type of meat with Ropa Vieja.

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