What you don’t know about the Kardashian family …

You’ll be amazed when the Kardashian family learns of the unusual life and strange habits you’ve never heard before! Here’s some interesting information about the Kardashian sisters …

-Kylie Jenner has never eaten milk cornflakes in her life.

Kylie Jenner, who only consumed the cornflakes dry consumed by many people so far, tried her milky condition at the age of 21 with the insistence of her friend.

-Kardashian refused the brand that offered him $ 1 million to wear and share her clothes in the Instagram.

The Fashion Nova brand offered Kim Kardashian $ 1 million, but the refused, as it was known to copy Kanye West’s designs. Against this gesture, Kanye West sent the proposed amount to his wife the next day.

-Although Kylie Jenner had a butterfly tattoo, she was afraid from butterflies to death.

In addition to her tattoo, the star who uses the butterfly in her accessories is very scared when she sees this animal alive.

-While Kris Jenner was pregnant, she was almost getting a divorce from her husband Bruce Jenner who didn’t buy her donuts.

Kris Jenner decided to divorce due to pregnancy, but later gave up.

-Kim Kardashian works with models in her own body structure to see the posture of her clothes

These models show how to stand on the clothes themselves. Kim Kardashian recently complained about the size of her hips.

-Kim Kardashian is watching every second before the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” program is publish

The star, who has been control obsession with checking, has watched every second of the program since 2007.

-In response to the tyranny he suffered at high school, Khloé Kardashian finished the 3-year-old school as an honorary student in one year

-Kim Kardashian hid her sperm in order to get pregnant again in case she left West in the future during her first pregnancy.

-Kourtney Kardashian, mayonnaise on a regular apply for her vagina to shine.

-Kendall Jenner has tripophobia

This feature of the young model who cannot even look at crepe, honeycomb and flowers on the flowers due to the fear of perforated and rough surface is also a problem in terms of his work because of the fact that he cannot wear clothes with such structures.

-When Kendall Jenner was a little boy, he sat down one day and cut off all Kylie’s hair.

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