Fıve Movıes For Your Empty Tımes

five movies for your empty time

Work, school, or other things always take a lot of time. When you want relax and watch good movies. Here are five movies for your empty time.

Fight Clup

Nobody can talk about the Fight club, this is first ruleJack is a insurance officer who is bored with the mundaneness of life. Jack, who has long complained of insomnia, joins group therapies. He meets Marla in this therapy. After a while, He meets Tyler Durden, who will change his life. Jack joins the Fight club and never talk about the fight club.

Schindler’s List

Schindler’s List takes place during the Second World War. Oscar Schindler set up a factory in Poland and employed Jewish workers. Thus, he managed to save the lives of a thousand hundred Jews. Schindler’s List is based on a real life. This movie is very dramatic but love this real life story.

The Dark Knight

The Dark night is the story of Batman. The Joker appears in the Gotham city and causing a great chaos. Batman is fighting the Joker to save the city. If you love super hero movies, you should watch this movie. Batman and Joker are together in this movie.

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is one with a low IQ level and falls in love Jenny. Forrest have a different and big life. He accidentally meets celebrities like Elvis Presley, Kennedy and Nixon in his life. Also Gump is witnessing the Vietnam war and important events in the American recent history. Forrest Gump does everything without knowing, but the results are always great.


Christopher Nolan is a director of the best films. Dunkirk, II. Describes the evacuation of the Dunkerque, which determines the fate of World War II. The British soldiers remains helpless in the face of enemy soldiers surrounding them.

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