Halloween 2018 Event: New Gen 4 Pokemon and New Mission

Gen 4 Pokemon

On the occasion of the first big Pokemon Go of Generation 4, it started at 23:00 PT / 4:00 ET on October 23rd. All through the occasion, trainers will discover Ghost-sort and Dark-type Pokemon initially found in the Sinnoh locale scattered around, including Stunky and Drifloon. You’ll additionally get double candy for each Pokemon you get until November first.

The Halloween occasion will likewise convey another Legendary Raid to the amusement — this one highlighting the Renegade Pokemon, Giratina. It’s a Ghost-and Dragon-type Pokemon, and you’ll just have the capacity to get it from now through November twentieth, and soon thereafter it will cycle pull out of the rotation for an unspecified measure of time.

Yet, that is not all, as Professor Willow evidently has another Special Research journey arranged for Halloween too. As per Niantic’s blog entry, Willow found an odd stone as of late and abnormal things have been going on in his lab from that point onward. It may look like a very exciting Pokemon, so complete all the tasks Willow offers to find the source of the problem before the goodness disappears.

In spite of the fact that the blog entry doesn’t determine which Pokemon may crack Professor Willow out, it appears to be likely that it’s Spiritomb: A Gen 4 Pokemon which was famously hard to get in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Spiritomb’s the bizarre purple and green animal in the picture at the highest point of this post.

There are certain to be a lot of mystery to reveal when the occasion starts, so make sure to finish the Special Research mission and stock up on all the new Gen 4 Ghost-sort and Dark-type Pokemon this week and next.

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