Gigi Hadid backstage images

Gigi Hadid was displayed behind the camera, preparing to be “angel” again.
Hadid , one of the shining models of the last period, went to Brazil for a brand’s shoot.

Gigi Hadid, who will be on the podium again as “angel” for Victoria’s Secret next month, was seen in a fashion shoot in Brazil.

In pink dresses, warm Rio de Janeiro posed for a long time under the sun.
During the shooting on the beach, the wind did not leave any kind of comfort.

The beautiful model had a pink blazer jacket and a diving suit with Cynthia Rowley brand.

Gigi, who recently made peace with his boyfriend Zayn Malik and had a happy relationship, seemed to enjoy it very despite the wind.

Gigi, 23, shared her romantic photo taken with Zayn the previous day, with 43 million followers on Instagram.

Gigi, who was accused of being overweight in the early time of her modeling years, now has lost weight rapidly because of the Hashimato’s disease she was caught.

Hadid, at this time, is too weak and again criticized.

In a program he participated in, Gigi Hadid, I eat a hamburger on the one hand to gain weight, and I do a squat on the other. In fact, I’m craving to leave it on my own.  At the same time, Hadid said, “I want plump hips.”

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