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Famous Foods Of Countrıes: Fıve Countrıes

Famous Foods

In the World, everywhere has a famous food. These foods are so famous in own country. Here, famous foods of countries: Five countries foods change your foods ideas. Let’s start learn famous foods of Canada, Brazil, Poland, Romania and Switzerland

Ginger Beef: In Canada this meal is so famous. In particular, ginger adds a very different taste to this dish. When you think go to Canada, you should try this meal. But you can do it in your home. Ginger Beef recipe looks tough but is easy on the contrary. Meat should be prepared in a very special way in the ginger beef recipe. During ginger beef stir fry, you should pay great attention to the fact that the meat does not burn.

Churrasco: BBQ taste is a favorite taste in every country. Especially, There are many meals in Brazil that are separate to taste. Churrasco, the name of the barbecue in Brazil, is Brazil’s national dish. A wide variety of meats are cooked on open fire. There are special restaurants for Churrasco in Brazil. When you go to Rio, you should try.

Bigos: In addition to being famous for its Polish education, it is also famous about its dishes. Bigos is a cabbage dish. Poland, famous for its cabbage, has announced this world to the world by using this vegetable in its famous dinner, bigos.

Sarmale: Sarmale, It is a dish from the Ottoman Empire era for Romania. Sarmale is a kind of cabbage wrap. The sarmale, the famous dish of Romania, is now made of pork meat and served with mamaliga.

Raclette: Raclette is a potato and cheese dish. Especially famous for his Heidi cartoons in Switzerland, for this special dinner uses Raclette cheese. It is produced with Raclette cheese, black pepper and garlic. Such differences add a special taste to Raclett.

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