Kim Kardashian: My husband smells like rich

Kim Kardashian described the smell of rap singer wife Kanye West as “rich like.”

When American reality show star Kim Kardashian was asked what the smell of rap singer wife Kanye West looked like, the answer was “rich.”

“He smells like something you think is too expensive,” said 38-year-old Kardashian, who spoke at the introductory meeting of his new perfume.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kardashian’s net fortune was $ 190 million; Kanye West, a 40-year-old producer, fashion designer and record label, had a wealth of $ 160 million.

Kanye West was ranked sixth in the list with $ 147 million in the list of the 10 richest rappers announced in 2017.

Before that, Kim Kardashian had pose on the elephant in Bali, where she went for vacation.                  

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