Jessica Alba’s history full of secrets

The world-famous American actress Jessica Alba has a history full of secrets. 

Jessica Alba, who became one of Hollywood’s most famous actors with such films as Sin City and Fantastic Four, doesn’t like to talk about the abduction since she was 15 years old.

According to The Sun newspaper, Alba was kidnapped from the set while she was shooting her flipper series in 1996 when she was 15 years old. And she was held hostage for 14 hours.

Alba, who was kidnapped after the strange phone calls she thought was a phone joke, was put on the trunk of a car by tying her hands and eyes. However, this incident was still not solved by the police.

Because of her lung problems, she spent most of her childhood and youth struggling with problems like asthma and pneumonia, as well as hyperactivity and obsession.

Alba was often harassment by older men. Especially in churches where she went to worship. Alba, those times, “Big guys always harassed me. The priest also told me that it was because I was wearing a provocative dress. But actually I wasn’t dressed like that, “she told.

She began to love her role-mate Michael Weatherly in the Dark Angel series. But the couple left in 2003.

Alba recounted what she experienced with her boyfriend at the time: “I was a virgin at that time. And I believed that I had to fall in love with the first person I would be with. ”

Believing that she should not be with anyone before marriage, Alba explained that she had violated her virginity oath with her great lover.

Alba is now married to producer Cash Warren, whom she met on the Fantastic Four set.

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