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The Indıspensable Raclette Recıpe Of Swıtzerland


Switzerland is a country famous for its calmness and various things. Especially when you look at the country from Switzerland, which attracts attention with chocolate and cheese, comes with a very nice recipe. Raclette will perhaps be the best meal you have eaten.

In fact, Raclette, a type of cheese, was converted into a special meal by the Swiss and has been a fairly simple meal. However, the most famous dishes in the country are Raclette and the most well known Raclette grill. At this point, the most important factor in making food is Raclette cheese. Raclette cheese adds an extra beauty to the food with an extra taste.


  • 8 potatoes
  • Half a package of sausage
  • 1 pack of Raclette cheese
  • Raclette grill

Recipe Of Raclette 

Wash the potatoes until the soil is removed. Then boil the potatoes. You have to rob the potatoes after boiling. Chop the sausages the way you want. Cook the sausages on the Raclette grill and then melt the cheese in small containers. After the cheese has melted, you can pour it over the potatoes and enjoy it with pleasure.

The important thing in making food is the good melting of cheese. During melting, the cheese must be constantly checked. Raclette cheese left in the Raclette grill will burn in a very small amount. In fact, the taste of this cheese, which is quite nice, will spoil the taste of all the ingredients when it burns.

Raclette, which is a fairly easy meal together with its making and supplies, is a pretty favorite dish in Switzerland. Raclette grill, which was used during cooking, was specially produced according to cheese. Cheese and other ingredients melted in raclette grill will be presented with a very different taste.

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