First comment from Kate Middleton on Meghan Markle’s pregnancy

Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton commented For the first time on the pregnancy of the alleged Prince Harry’s wife, Megan Markle.

An Instagram user noticed the dialogue between the Duchess and a fan. Meghan Markle asked if  was excited about her baby, and Middleton responded, “ I’m absolutely excited. ” 

The birth of young children is so special. She will also be a cousin of George, Charlotte, and of course Louis. It will be really special ”.

Kate Middleton and Prince William made a statement about the news of the first babies of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, and stated that they were pleased.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, on the other hand, decided to move from the manor in the Kensington Palace, where she lived with Prince William and Kate Middleton before their birth.

In the resolution, she thinks that Meghan Markle’s disagreement with Middleton is effective.

Besides, Meghan Markle doesn’t want to raise her new-born baby in Kensington Palace. Because Meghan Markle likens the palace to the aquarium.

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