Nasa Vıew The Gıant Storm In Jupıter Wıth Juno

jupiter storm

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. Nasa view the giant storm on the jupiter with Juno, a Jupiter discovery satellite. Controlled by the NASA, Juno observed a difference during his 9th close to Jupiter. This difference, which was shot by Juno, was released on 24 October on NASA’s website.

The photograph, taken at about 10 thousand 100 kilometers above the planet, shows a storm that drives clouds at different altitudes counterclockwise. The darker clouds spread deeper into the atmosphere than the bright ones. In the photograph of smaller clouds and cloud clusters between the bright cloudy branches of the storm, the shadows of the clouds fall to the left as sunlight comes from the right side.

Between bright clouds and shadows, there is a distance between 6 and 13 kilometers in both depth and horizontal distance. This coincides with the observations Juno made in the “gas giant“. Scientists think that these bright clouds consist of ammonia ice crystals rising up in the atmosphere.

Juno had taken photographs of Jupiter before. However, there were unresolved spots in those photographs. In Juno’s earlier photos, it wasn’t exactly clear whether the storms, each with a low pressure cyclone, were dynamic structures or a permanent pressure field, such as a large red stain. It is stated that the latest photos provide the opportunity to make a healthier evaluation about the planet. For hundreds of years, scientists have been observing, wondering, and developing theories about Jupiter’s Big Red Stain,, said researcher Scott Bolton. ”Now we have the best photos ever.“

Launched in 2011, Juno has been exploring the giant gas planet since he arrived in Jupiter in July 2016. Juno will complete his mission by burning in the atmosphere after his last dive on the surface of the planet on February 20, 2018.

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