Samsung Galaxy S9 User Interface One UI

One UI

In the development of the Android world, we cannot underestimate the share of user interfaces developed by companies. Features in most user interfaces have been successfully integrated into the operating system by Google in subsequent Android updates. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 model at the same time two windows on the screen at the same time, thanks to the TouchWiz interface has been available to users much earlier than the Android ecosystem. And today, when we look at the many features like this and now comes in the new Android versions. After the TouchWiz interface, Samsung introduced the Experience interface to its users. Now we have Samsung’s new Android interface One UI.

Samsung aims to simplify the look and feel of one-handed operation with the new Android update uinterface One UI. Foldable phone support from Android is also supported in Samsung’s new interface. Samsung software will be available in 2019 with foldable phone models. The new interface will also be used in these models.

Especially when introducing the interface, the emphasis of the buttons, which are frequently used in daily life, is placed below half of the screen. Nowadays, the phone has become one of the most difficult to use with its growing structures. The continuous operation of the buttons, which are displayed on the screen, makes the use of one hand more difficult. Samsung software has taken care of this with the new Android interface One UI and has created the main line of design language.

There will also be a dark / night theme in the new interface. However, we can also say that the icons are redesigned and the rounded lines in the interface draw attention. Fonts are also refreshed with icons. Another innovation that comes with the new interface is that the theme comes with the color of the phone according to the color options of the phone. 

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