5 million sterling security for Megan Markle and Prince Harry’s new house

The fact that security measures cost 5 million pounds has caused the British to react.

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry left the mansion at Kensington Palace and decided to move to a new house in Windsor Castle, the security costs of the new house discomfort the British.

It was claimed that the security cost of the royal pair, which would be moved to the Frogmore house built in the 19th century before the birth of their first baby, would cost £ 5 million.

The royal family, which provided a livelihood through the British people’s taxes, brought an additional burden £ 5 million to the public. Of course, in this case, it caused criticisms.

“Construction and security of the building will cost £ 5 million in the first year,” the royal family’s former protection, Ken Wharfe, said in a statement to mirror.

The Frogmore Cottage has no protection as it is unused. It must be equipped with at least two or three security guards and security cameras.

The wedding of the couple, which was watched live by millions of people worldwide, cost £ 3.4 million.

Kate Middleton made her first comment on Meghan Markle’s pregnancy recently.

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