Forbes announces Amarica’s richest celebrities in 2018

Forbes magazine, in 2018, determined the richest celebrities in America. The list includes names such as reality show star Kylie Jenner, rap singer Jay-Z and Diddy. Here are the richest celebrities and fortunes …

9. James Patterson

Fortune: 800 million dollars

9. Tiger Woods

Fortune: 800 million dollars

8. Diddy

Fortune: 825 million dollars

7. David Copperfield

Fortune: 875 million dollars

6. Jay-Z

Fortune: 900 million dollars

5. Kylie Jenner

Fortune: 900 million dollars

4. Michael Jordan


Fortune: 1.7 billion dollars

3. Oprah Winfrey


Fortune: 2.8 billion dollars

2. Steven Spielberg


Fortune: 3.7 billion dollars

1. George Lucas


Fortune: 5.4 billion dollars

Forbes magazine recently announced England’s richest celebrities.

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