New Versıon Androıd Pıe Features

Android Pie

The Android 9 Pie promises to offer the best Android experience ever. But with Android Pie, Google doesn’t just offer a more functional operating system; it also redesigns the structure of mobile operating systems. This is why many features in the Android Pie improve existing features rather than revolutionary features, or enable users to perform more easily. 

1- HTTPS Becomes Default

If you want to stay away from unsafe web sites, including non-TLS HTTP, we can say that the doors of these websites will be closed automatically. All websites that carry the virus or are not updated by their organizations will be blocked.

2- Endless Spying Ends

The Android Pie is blocking access to the microphone and camera in the background. Google prefers to remain silent about how it does. There will still be practices trying to spy, but we are safe for at least a while.

3- Text Magnifier

A relatively small feature, the text magnifier allows users to get a closer look at the text they want to select, so that they start and finish the selection exactly where they want it. It will be easier to select text, especially on small screen phones.

4- Smart Responses

Many applications allow us to reply to incoming messages with mold responses. However, with Android Pie, you can reply to messages from many applications with ready answers via the notification bar. Moreover, it is possible to respond to photos, stickers or messages in different ways in Android Pie.

5- Neural Networks API Update

While this feature escaped many people, Google updated the Neural Networks API to version 1.1 with the Android Pie. This update dramatically improves the machine learning of our devices, which is an important step for us to realize the smart actions in our devices without connecting to the Internet in the future.

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