Meghan Markle’s inspiration Julia Roberts

Meghan Markle said she was inspired by Julia Roberts as she began her acting career. Julia Roberts said in response to Meghan Markle, “I went up on the clouds.”

It turned out that Meghan Markle, who left acting after his marriage to Prince Harry, announced that Julia Roberts was the most inspiring actor in herself acting.

In an interview with Glamor magazine in 2017, the 37-year-old Sussex Duchess announced that she was one of 10 women who changed her life. “She was the first person I saw on the screen and I thought, ‘she looks so funny, I want to do this job.” 

“When I was little, they told me I looked like Julia Roberts. It was the best compliment I’ve ever had. “

Julia Roberts, regarding the subject, “it’s a great night for me. I will be on the clouds all night.” said.

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