New Observatıon From Nasa; Storm In Neptune

Storm In Neptune

From the year it was founded, NASA explores all the planets in the solar system. By learning different life signs or learning about the structure of the planets, it identifies the planets that can be lived in the following years. NASA identified a storm in Neptune as the latest during this work. The images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope belonging to NASA were quite smooth.

Newly received Hubble images are observed on a dark storm over Neptune. This dark structure was most recently reflected in Hubble Space Telescope‘s appearances in 1993 and has been the subject of considerable curiosity. These two storms were detected by the Voyager 2 spacecraft, and from this date on the Hubble Space Telescope images there was only a blue image. On the right side of the detected darkness there are “complementary clouds” that can be described as bright white. Hubble telescope observed similar clouds in previous vortex views. The long, thin cloud to the left of the dark spot is a temporary feature that is not part of the storm system.

NASA has done a lot of work on the American continent. In the latest study, the storm in Neptune appears to be more effective and will continue in a certain period when the difference between the storm and the American continent is revealed.

Looking at the Uranus system, scientists have quite different explanations for this planet, which has similar sides with Neptune. Scientists observe the formation of Uranus’s unique rotation and believe that the structure of the planet is inclined. Looking at Uranus stripped through the other planets in space, it is said to be in the middle of the summer. It is also known as the planet where the sun does not sink. However, when Uranus and Neptune are classified, they are classified as giant ice planets on both planets.

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