Nokia 9 – One Of The New Phones 2019

Nokia 9

Nowadays mobile phones have become irreplaceable just like an organ, we can never be separated. We look for the better versions all the time, and we want the new phones 2019 to be reflecting the technological developments. Surely, Nokia is one of the oldest brands serving qualified products all the time. And here are the features of Nokia 9 from the new phones 2019: 

*With this single touch, everything is effortless and completely natural when using your phone. No back or home page key. There is a continuous stream only when switching from application to application. Swipe your finger to any corner of the screen to go to the home page, then easily switch between the three homepage views.

*Travel around the applications and switch from one live application to another. This is a great function for 3 simple views on one homepage to continue where you left off. The Events view is where you’ll see what’s happening in your world. 

*Navigate to the street where you want to be guided by street voices by free navigation (walking or vehicle). With public transport line views for over 80 cities around the world, you’ll find the best of everything in your city, including cafes, shops, concerts, hotels and much more. 

*With the support of rich applications and fast video playback, the Nokia 9 includes a fast mobile web browser for instant loading of your pages on-screen, which is the best of the web. Everything responds quickly and instantly. You can also keep multiple pages open at the same time, and easily navigate through them.

*Thanks to the wide-angle Carl Zeiss Lens, more friends will fit in the frame. You just focus on the lens by tapping and take great pictures or start shooting stunning high-definition movies. 

Except from Nokia 9, Galaxy S10 is another one in new phones 2019, which has Dual SIM, more colors and expandable memory, 10x digital zoom, LED flash and water resistant up to 30 mins. Also, Galaxy S10 is more expensive than Nokia 9.

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