Big Day Has Come – Test Flight to Mars on March 2nd

Test Flight to Mars

SpaceX, the space and aviation company, which Elon Musk is the CEO, will send a lifeless model to the ISS (International Space Station) this weekend as part of their test flights. If everything goes well, the US is expected to accelerate the process of continuing its manned space missions. Since the space shuttle of Atlantis returned to Earth on July 21, 2011, none of the American astronauts has been displaced from the US territory. 

NASA, who paid 82 million dollars for each mission to Russia’s research center to send astronauts into space, agreed with boeing and SpaceX in 2014 to get rid of this burden. The program had to be treated very strictly regarding security as it was about sending people into space. Therefore, the deferred flight will take place at least three years after the planned. Falcon 9 rocket is planned to be launched on Saturday, March 2nd, a day after ISS will be reached. 

The capsule is scheduled to return to Earth approximately on March 8th. If everything goes well in this test flight, the next mission will be 2 astronauts being sent to space with a 7-person Falcon 9 rocket. Manned flight ahead while it is expected to take place in July, delays may occur. 

According to Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, the program was 70 percent likely to move to Mars, but the risk of death during the journey is high. Musk, who was a guest of the Axios program published on HBO, expressed that he hoped this journey could take place in the next 7 years then he would be moving to the red planet. The CEO of SpaceX recalled that going to Mars could cost only ‘a few hundred thousand dollars, but those who went to Mars would spend most of their time trying to survive and the return could not be guaranteed.

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