The Junocam Captures Informing Us About the Space

İmage: Nasa

We love what we can not reach. This is a philosophic beginning but it is true. Space is full of not-known information and we desire to know more and more. Thanks to Junocam, in this case, it helps to reflect all the relevant details inside the Space towards us.

The largest planet in the Solar System in Space, the gas giant Jupiter, which fascinates humanity with its unstable storms in its atmosphere, is under the close mark of NASA. The Juno spacecraft that served millions of miles away has been the leg of the agency. The last photo sent by Juno and taken by Junocam is definitely worth seeing.

The kilometer-long storm centres continue to dance around the Sun with Jupiter, the stormy hurricanes, colorful clouds and deadly flashes in which the worlds will fit.

The Jupiter observer Juno, who has made a name for himself by NASA’s performance in Space recent years, regularly sends photographs of the giant planet to the earth. These images come in pieces and layers, and they come to the final shape by the scientists around the world. On the other hand, Jupiter seems to have been drawn by Van Gogh.

Juno, whose mission was extended to 2022, captured Jupiter’s Southern Hemisphere:

It is very difficult to grasp the size of the planet in this image taken at a distance of about 71 thousand 300 kilometers. Because every layer and science that scientists combine, each process makes Jupiter a little more unreal. As a matter of fact, this planet is real and we are merely enthralled.

As a piece of additional information which is striking of Space, we can say that 1300 Earths can fit into Jupiter. NASA, the world’s representative in the Space, together with the images and data obtained by Juno, is trying to solve the mysterious storms and internal structure of Jupiter.

In the coming months, Juno will approach the planet to capture the image of Jupiter.

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