5 Tips Extending the Charging Life of Your Smartphone

battery life

Technology is now encompassing us in every aspect of our lives. Especially the phone. We can’t even spend a few hours without our phone. As a result, the battery life of the phone is shortened. But don’t worry, we share tips on how to extend your phone’s battery life.

1- Do Not Leave Your Phone Charged When Charged

Unplug your phone when your phone is fully charged. This is especially the case when you sleep in the night when you fit your phone. That’s why, the fact that you are not charging your phone at night will increase the battery life of your phone in the long term.

2- Charging of your phone does not need to be 100%

100% of the charge of your phone is not a good case unlike the known. When your phone’s battery is fully charged, it will not offer you a very long service life. Therefore, your phone’s battery will not be 100% but 85-90%, it will be enough to do your work.

3- Charge Your Phone at Every Deal You Find

You can charge your phone when you are playing games, writing a message, or using it in any way. It is better for you to do this than to fully charge your phone. In this case, you will have the charge control of your phone.

4- Prevent Your Phone from Overheating

Telephone batteries are extremely sensitive to heat. Battery overheating will shorten the battery life and cause your phone to slow down. Therefore do not charge your phone in the place where the sun comes from your phone. Or if you are wearing a case in your phone, remove the case during charging.

5- Use Your Phone’s Features

The way to make the phone and platform attractive is through formulas that extend the battery life. Phones incorporate power-saving features, integrated into the phone’s operating system. Even allowing your phone to automatically reduce screen brightness or enable airplane mode can extend battery life from a few minutes to an hour.

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