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6 Important Information About Yoga and Benefits

Yoga and Benefits

It does not end by counting the benefits of the yogan which is good to both our body and our minds. There is also a lot of interesting information about yoga, which has a long history. Here are some of them.

1- There is a laughter yoga

Laughter yoga starts with artificial laughter. Laughing relieves tension in the body. This type of yoga is especially popular and demanding.

2- US philosopher, activist and writer Henry David Thoreau was one of the first names in the Western world to practice yoga.

Thoreau, the author of the legendary book Walden and Ormanda Life, stated that yogan is very important and useful for him. The prominent writer, with his friendly nature, shares his interest in a letter he sent to his friend Ralph Waldo Emerson in 1849. Thoreau defines itself as ‘yogi’ in this letter.

3- Yoga reduces heart disease risk

Research on the subject revealed that there is a direct relationship between yoga practitioners and their heart health. Yoga reduces blood pressure, helps diabetes, and even helps prevent asthma attacks.

4- Yoga is in the oldest texts of the world

Yoga is a practice that the western world has just known, but it has a history of thousands of years. In the ancient text of Rigveda, which is part of the Vedic name texts, one of the oldest texts in the world, yoga elements are seen.

5- Yoga isn’t a religious practice

Although yoga has spiritual origins, it does not mean that it is a religion. Many yoga classes focus on athletic poses, just as they are in a gym or gym class. Especially when a dyne is seen, it is wrong.

6- Yoga is good for anxiety and depression

We live in a world where the annoying events are happening. All these events can emotionally destroy us. No matter how sad we are, we deserve to be happy. Yoga also gives us support in this regard and improves mood to provide mental comfort.

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