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9 Antiviral (Proven) Foods That Strengthen Your Immune System

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt, as an immune system booster, is one of the most nutritious ingredients for sure, it is the irreplaceable food of every house’s fridge.

When we need to lose weight, we look for simple recipes with yogurt both to feel full for more time and to keep the calories low.

Also, yogurt’s help with coming through food poisoning is a proven fact.

Clinical trials are even working to investigate its possible effects on COVID-19. You can look at this research to get more information about the studies.

2. Kiwi

We know kiwi having a high amount of vitamin C among the fruits. Being an amazing detox food is another advantage as well.

To keep the immune system function strong, we tend to eat fruits and vegetables without considering the vitamin amounts. 

In this case, we can consider kiwis as the hero item saving our life.

One study found that older adults who eat kiwi daily for a month had a significant reduction in the severity and duration of symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection.

3. Garlic

Garlic is full of health. Did not even count the taste it is contributing as the nurture to the recipes.

Either cold or hot recipes can be applied by the little nuance of garlic.

Other than its taste, garlic is used for fighting many diseases including high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, common cold, cancer, etc.

Garlic can be used as garlic oil, garlic powder or fresh garlic. Also, capsules and tablets as dietary supplements are sold in the market.

There is evidence that garlic can slow the hardening of the arteries and help lower blood pressure. Read this article to find out the exact benefits of consuming garlic.

4. Blueberry

You know what they say, fruits colored red and blue are to prevent cancer!

Yes, blueberry is one of the nurtures helping the human body keep the immune system function stronger than ever.

The study conducted in 2016 stated that flavonoids play an important role in the immune defense system of the respiratory tract.

5. Kefir

Kefir equals probiotics. Recently, we use probiotics as an immune system booster to keep illnesses away from us.

Especially during coronavirus immune system became more crucial. In the daily struggle, we feel the need for tablets but actually, all we need is some kefir!

The first research shows that kefir can boost the immune system function. Various studies in 2017 have proven that regular consumption of kefir helps the immune system.

6. Dark Chocolate

Delicious and healthy! There are not so many nurtures as dark chocolate for the immune system.

For the brain, heart, blood sugar, and many more organs are fed by the hand of dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate contains an antioxidant called theobromine, which can help strengthen the immune system by protecting the body’s cells from free radicals. Check this out for more!

7. Ginger

Tea, recipes, desserts, smoothies… Ginger is like a part of us!

We love to drink ginger shots as immune system booster and we cannot underestimate its effects on the recipes.

Ginger can also prevent viruses from sticking to cells. Read this article to know how to win coronavirus over.

8. Green Tea

For metabolic functioning, green tea is the best way to shape the body!

Not only for diets but also coronavirus immune system green tea should be drunk every single day, considering the caffeine level for sure.

Some compounds in green tea have been proven to stimulate T cells, you can have a look at the article to learn more.

9. Flax Seed

Last but not least! It is known that flaxseed as an immune system booster is full of omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium.

Studies have shown that omega-3 has positive effects on asthmatic patients, and magnesium helps relax the bronchial muscles, thus remaining open to air without narrowing. 

Omega-3 is also found in small fish.

Now it’s your turn! What are the problems you are having regarding the immune system? How can you manage to face coronavirus immune system nowadays? What would you recommend to strengthen the immune system function? Share with us!

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