A Dıfferent Cıty Lıghted By Lıghts; Hoı An

Hoı An

The most beautiful part of Hoi An is the historic part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tiny streets are full of colorful shops, cafes, temples. At night, the Old City turns into a fairy tale city, and thousands of colorful paper lanterns light up. Each month, the Hoi An 15.da Light Festival is held, which is the 15th day of the lunar calendar. In the night of this festival, in the Old City, no electronics like fluorescent lamps, televisions, radios are used, and the city is illuminated only by paper lanterns. Wishes baskets illuminated by candles in the river. A complete visual feast.

Things to Do in Hoi An

Hoi An can offer visitors a variety of alternative places to visit. Hoi An, as mentioned at the beginning of our article, is a complete shopping paradise. One of the best places to go is the Central Market. You can find great meals, souvenirs and clothes at pretty cheap prices in this market near the river.

Have a look at the fish market. After visiting the market, we recommend you to visit one of the city’s most spectacular and wonderful architectural monuments and a popular tourist destination, the Quan Cong Temple. Built in honor of the Chin Dynasty in the early 17th century, this temple is housed in a statue of Chau Xong and Quan Cong himself, one of Quan Kong’s guardians.

Hoı An

I wouldn’t go back to Hoi An come back without going to the beaches. Among the best beaches you can go to An Bang and Cua Dai beaches. Cua Dai is one of the 5 areas in Vietnam’s UNESCO World Heritage Site. Both beaches have beautiful white sands and beachfront restaurants.

 Temple Tour

There are many temples in the Old Town. Some are paid, some are free. There are 5 tickets for paid temples. With this ticket, you can visit the 5 museums, houses and temples you want. Even without a ticket, free touring is nice enough. You can choose according to your budget. Especially the Quan Cong Temple is a sight place.

Don’t forget to eat unique Vietnamese food when you go to Hoi An.

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