A New Game Of Mıcrosoft Crackdown 3 Revıew

Crackdown 3 Revıew

Microsoft recently celebrated Crackdown 3’s Xbox One and offered Crackdown $ 50 for free. Tomorrow the full version of the game will be on the market but the game’s embargo on the review got up and notes began to arrive slowly.

The most revolutionary aspect of Crackdown 3 is the form, measure and obscurity of destruction. Since the graphics of the game are cartoon-like, they have directed the power of the processor directly to the destruction without any realistic textures. However, because the power of an Xbox is not enough to destroy the game’s destruction potential, they will use Microsoft Cloud technology so that when the destruction of the city is out of control, they will use 20 Xbox One processor power to process the destruction on your machine and deliver the image to you.

Why do you need such heavy processing power? The sequence shown to us started when we had a flat concrete block. A three-piece vertical, 5-6 cm thick concrete block. As the first job of the demonstration, the central part of this block fired a single shot. A small piece of concrete fell to the ground at the point where the projectile entered the concrete, concrete dust was poured around. But that wasn’t all: the bullets had cracked in places where the concrete part was holding the edges! This is also a game before in any game (including Red Faction) use a level of physics!

Crackdown 3 was played on a PC, and the filmmakers didn’t try to hide it. I wonder if the game will be enough to use the interesting physics engine and how much of the Xbox One will be in Microsoft Cloud. But I’ve been waiting for Crackdown 3, which isn’t on my radar until this Gamescom. The only sadness about the game is that all the demolition system will only work in multiplayer modes. Developers, Your goal is not to break down, save the city. That’s why we didn’t add to the one-man game. 

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