A Red Beauty: Marrakech


Known as the red city, Marrakech is a Moroccan city where you can experience one of the exotic beauties of Africa. There are thousands of beauties that can fascinate you in this city, where old and new order coexist.

The city is a bargain paradise for shoppers. While Marrakech hosts many museums and memorials for history lovers, those who want to experience the culture of the city can leave themselves to the streets and confusion of Medina. You can also relax in Marrakech, the gateway to the Upper Atlas Mountains region of Morocco, accompanied by a breathtaking mountain view after a tiring city tour. Here are 13 places to see in Marrakech:

1. The Old Market (Medina Souks)

Medina’s bazaars (Medina Souks), the old town of Marrakech, is one of the most visited places by tourists. The souks will be one of the most memorable moments of your trip. Those who do not want to shop can be lost in the streets of the bazaar, shopping enthusiasts, shoe bazaar, carpet market, leather bazaar or spice and perfume bazaar can enter a tight bargain. 

2. Koutoubia Mosque

Koutoubia Mosque is one of the most important landmarks of Marrakech with its minaret which can be seen from all parts of the city with a length of 70 meters. The mosque, which was built in 1162, is considered to be the greatest architectural success of the Muwahhids, who destroyed and demolished the State of Murabits, which today dominated North Africa, Spain and Western Sahara. During the years between 1146 and 1248, the Mujahideen controlled most of the Spanish territory, as well as some of the territories in North Africa. 

3. Tombs of Saadi

Founded in the 16th century, this cemetery houses the grave of 66 members of the Saadi dynasty, which ruled between 1524 and 1668 in Marrakech. These include the Saadi ruler Ahmad al-Mansur, his successors, and the tombs of his family. Saadi Cemetery, with its tombs between a large garden, is a stray and atmospheric place.

Don’t forget to try different foods and traditional drinks if you are going to Morocco.

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