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Amazon Echo Stylist

Now we are in the technological era, an era in which we are surprised by the developments every single day. Amazon, as one of the biggest companies all around the world, is following the trends and acting accordingly. Fashion is really crucial, it is both subjective and objective. It doesn’t matter which country you’re living right now if one style is the trend, we all want to play the game by the rules. 

Amazon dove into the world of fashion with the release of the all-new Amazon Echo look – a stand-alone camera that snaps pictures of you and your outfit, and uses the way you’re dressed to recommend clothes that are consistent with your style. The addition of this excellent device presents a viable option for outfit advice that doesn’t involve your friends and family!. Now, you’re able to look great without having to ask anyone, thanks to this amazing invention by Amazon. 

Another great feature of the look is the Alexa functionality. This is a great list of specs, but the sound quality could be improved. If you’re really fashion conscious, or you want to improve upon your overall fashion sense, then the Amazon Echo look is perfect for you. As far as setting up the device, the process is a breeze. Simply plug the look into a wall outlet, then pull up the app and click “select a new device”. Find the Alexa device on the list and connect it your wifi network. 

The Amazon Echo (first generation) was first released in November 2014 for prime and invited members, and released in June 2015 in the US as well. The second generation of Amazon Echo was first released in October 2017 in the US. Since Amazon doesn’t give an exact sales amount, according to them, tens of millions of Echo devices were sold only in 2018.

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